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We will all suffer from presbyopia or eyestrain from the age of 40 onwards, is there a solution? The answer is yes.

Presbyopia glasses
Stylish, high quality reading glasses to protect your eyes and combat presbyopia and eyestrain.
Unisex reading
Perfect for both women and men.
Discretion and style
Minimalism, precision and style to suit every individual's needs.

About IrisaGo

If you are presbyopic, don't worry! Nowadays and thanks to IrisaGo it is very easy to recover your visual comfort, you just need to find a solution in time. Don't wait any longer!
  • They have it all, but at an affordable price! High quality design, foldable and with a case that fits everywhere. Perfect for everyday use.
  • With a lightweight design, they allow for maximum comfort during use. Graduations available: +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0.
  • The frame is adjustable: The temples are adjustable to achieve a perfect fit for any wearer.
Don't miss out on yours!

Main advantages:

Pre-graded folding spectacles
Pre-graded folding spectacles for presbyopia and eyestrain
The glasses are available in the following prescriptions: +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0.
Lightweight and foldable
They weigh only 50 grams, have a foldable design and a lined case to prevent scratching.
Durable and
The materials used for their production are of high quality, high strength and durability.
Unisex designs available in a variety of colours to keep you on trend.
The perfect gift
These glasses are an ideal gift for family and friends with vision problems related to presbyopia and eyestrain.


What prescriptions are available?
The glasses are available in the following prescriptions: +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 and +3.0.
Can they be used for driving?
No, they are not recommended, as they are only effective for short distances.
Are there different sizes?
They are one size, but the frame is adjustable.
Are there any special offers?
Yes, they have a launch promotion with a 50% discount.
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